About Me

Let's start with I really hate "about me's." I mean, I know they're necessary, especially for nosey people like myself who want to know about the blog I'm reading. Why was it started, who is the person behind the screen? Stuff like that, but I never really know what to put on my own. Where to begin, where to begin?
I love to shop. I love shoes. I love make-up and all things that help make us beautiful. I love to bake. Damn, I sure do love a lot of things don't I? There should be something between like and love, don't you agree? I more than like to be crafty and creative, hence this blog. The interest has always been there but with my new found obsession, PINTEREST, I have been inspired yet again to start ANOTHER blog (I have like 10 but don't ask cuz they are all super top secret, unless of course you knew me when I was obsessed with fillintheblank, then you already know).

So as I was saying. Pinterest has inspired me to do shit, once again, and share it with you all. You'll see some stuff here that I found there and did and then took some pictures and posted it here. You'll find some other stuff that I just did that was pretty awesome and so I wanted to show you and, who knows, I may even post some random stuff just because I get bored, or sidetracked or simply to mix that shit up! Oh, I should warn you now that I swear, A LOT, like a sailor some would say, so if you are easily offended then you might not wanna read this blog because its bound to happen and I will not take responsibility for you being offended.
Now that we got that out of the way we should be cool.

Oh last thing, if by chance you are so inclined to want to borrow one of my pictures, PLEASE link back to my blog and while your at it, shoot me a note or leave me a comment so I can check you out too.

Lastly, oh wait, I already said that. Definitely lastly, if you're wondering at all about the adorable  little (maybe I'm slightly biased) that may pop up from time to time. That's my niece, please don't borrow those pics without telling me. I'd really appreciate it. She has however agreed to respond to any fan mail.

That's all I got! Questions? Buehler? Buehler?