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If I haven't mentioned it already, I LOVE animals, especially dogs. Because of that I follow A LOT of rescue pages on FB. Here is a list of some of them if you want to follow and show support and also if want to help out some very deserving animals. Most of these are either Shiba Inu or Pitbull Rescues/Shelters because those are 2 of my favorite breeds and I know a lot of both, but I really do love all pups.

 AGN Wishlist

Animal Guardian Network (AGN)

Bravelets  to support NW Shibas4Life Rescue

Brokenhearted Brownie Needs a Home - Brownie was at Famous Fido for most of his life, but has recently been adopted! He still wants to help his fellow shelter pups though so check him out.

 Famous Fido Wishlist

Incredible Isis seeking new digs

Homeless Woody Wants a Home of His Own

Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. (FB page)

Leave No Paws Behind (website)

NW Shibas4Life Rescue (FB Page)

Out of the Pits

Shiba Prom

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