Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Beauty Tips & Tricks Tuesday

I posted something a few weeks ago on a great way to exfoliate lips at home. This seems to be the time of year when more and more people pull out the chapstick/lip balm for dry lips, but did you know that sometimes it's doing more harm than good? There are tons of articles with reasons why chapstick isn't actually helping you which is why some people feel the need to constantly reapply. Next time your lips feel dry try the toothbrush exfoliating trick then applying plain old organic coconut oil, nothing fancy. It's soothing, smells good and has natural healing properties. Sometimes if I'm feeling a little dry from the weather I will slather on some coconut all after washing my face at night. It' feels amazing and is so good for your skin. (do some research if you have super oily skin or are prone to breakouts before trying)

Here's a quick article from the Today Show. Got chapped lips? Lip balm isn't the answer

And another from The Frugal Girls.
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