Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am a Bag Lady

I love to shop. My favorite shopping is shoe shopping then clothes then make-up and the list goes on. Sometimes I just want to shop and places like Target or CVS will suffice. Its not as fun to shop at those places but I do love a deal so it just adds a different level of challenge to the shop. The one bummer about shopping is trying to find a home for all the bags afterwards, especially those pesky plastic bags. Until I saw this and then this!

While we have an amazing kitchen and lots of cupboards we don't have a pantry or any sort of closet to keep all the bags and since I really like to recycle as much as possible I like to reuse bags whenever possible but after a while you end up with a mess of bags and a husband who doesn't fully understand why I can't just throw the bags away.

Here we have our little cabinet overstuffed with bags, both plastic and paper. But it was the plastic bags that seemed to keep growing and growing and growing.

Once I managed to dig out all the plastic bags I ended up with this pile. Which while it doesn't look like much it was a rather tall pile considering it was just empty plastic bags. But once I got started I realized those empty little bags take up A LOT of space with, I'm not even sure, air I guess because look how this mess turned into...

This nice and neat little pile of triangles. Shocking right? I know I was shocked too. What looked like a hundred bags was really only like 25 I think. I didn't actually count but they all fit very nicely in this...

A Costco sized dishwasher pellet container. Which you can see isn't much taller than my 15" MacBookPro. Actually I think its the same height I just have the screen tilted.

Now if anyone has some awesome space saving trick for the paper bags other than just folding them flat until we reuse then as our recycling bags, I'd love to hear it.

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