Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pinterest made her do it too!

Little did I know when I discovered Pinterest that my good friend Shirley  at Golden Dreemz was already addicted. We started to compare notes, share pins and even make plans to do nerdy craft stuff together. We're still working on the last part. See her house is in the middle of some major reconstruction and mine, well mine is just not suitable for company at the moment. But I'm getting there, because we have shit to make!
Even though we have yet to manage a crafting date, we've both managed to get our pinsperation on - yes I totally just made up that nerdilicous word. My crafty self is a bit nerdy, so what?
As I was saying...I have taken the easy route and done some baking because for me baking is relaxing and easy and fun and well, I have people who are knocking on the door demanding treats. Shirley on the other hand has tried her hand at news print nails and a super awesome tie shirt for her guitar playing son! And I know she has a few other things up her sleeve. So stay tuned because rumor has it that she might just pop over here and share her craftiness in as a guest blogger! How freaking cool is that? My own guest blogger.

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