Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November Workout Wrap-Up

I started on Nov. 12, got 9 days in and took almost the entire week of Thanksgiving off minus the "day 9 Hula. Not quite half the month but considering how September and October were I say not a bad start! I can  definitely say that while squats still kill, busting out 100-200 each workout has gotten way easier. If I keep this up maybe, just maybe, I'll have some semblance of an ass by next year. We shall see.

Day 9 - Hula. I had planned on adding to it but it didn't happen. Still a good workout though so I'm not complaining.

Day 8 - Hula and the Drop 10 Workout

Day 7 - 1 set of the 100 Workout and 1 set of the "Every time You See This" plus 50 regular squats and 50 Sumo squats.

Day 6 - Another 200 squats (no split squats and no 1 leg squats). My legs were trembling during the last set of Sumo Squats. And 1 set each of the ab exercises shown. I swear that 60 sec plank is the longest minute ever! Surprisingly my arms aren't as sore as I thought, but I am definitely aware of all the muscles between my shoulder and elbow.

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