Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bella Beat Cancer! Childhood Cancer Awareness Fundraiser!

For those wondering about the current fundraiser I'm hosting here's why.

In 2011 my niece, Olivia aka Miss FartyPants aka O, was born. I had just learned to knit and my sister suddenly had this list of things she wanted me to make. In 2012 my sister Melissa was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma, Miss FartyPants was only 9 months old. By this point I had already been cancer free for over 8 years, and I was lucky and didn't have to undergo chemo. My sister did. Watching my sister's health decline for months prior to being properly diagnosed was hard. Once she was diagnosed I started looking into making chemo caps because I knew the inevitable would happen. Somehow in my research I came across pages of little kids with cancer, little kids my niece's age. And while O was perfectly healthy, being around her and then seeing and reading about little girls her same age fighting for their lives really hit me. That's when I decided to make the Princess Olivia hat. Nothing extraordinary, but a fun little hat with braids for little girls that had lost their hair due to chemo. And of course for any little girl who just wanted some braids. I sell the hats in my etsy store and for every hat purchased I donate 1 to a little girl battling cancer. It's my way of giving back and hopefully making a little girl smile and forget her illness even for just a minute.

Last year one of our friends ordered one of my hats for an 8 year old little girl who was battling a very rare form of cancer, that little girl was Bella! I had never met Bella or her family before, but because it truly is a small world I found out that Bella's dad was into old cars and hotrods and that's how they knew my friend Teri and it just so happened that Bella's dad Ken had been following our magazine page on IG. In usual social media sharing fashion Teri tagged me in a picture of Bella wearing her Princess Olivia hat, and that's when Ken put 2 and 2 together and realized I was also "Mrs. AUTOCULT." I have yet to meet the Carvalho family in person, but because of social media I feel like know them, especially Bella. She's such a brave and amazingly talented little girl and I love getting to see her progress health wise and show off her talents and all that she does to help bring awareness to Childhood Cancer. I'm sure she has her bad days, who doesn't, but she has won this battle and cancer can't keep her down! 

Once I started selling Younique I realized not only was it a way to support my makeup habit and make a little extra cash on the side, but it was something that allows me the opportunity to give back. Knowing that Bella is a girl after my own heart I reached out to Ken and Belinda and let them know that I would like to have a fundraiser and donate my commissions to the hospital where Bella had received treatment or children's cancer center - her choice and that's when they mentioned ACCOIN.

Cancer does not discriminate, it is a horrible disease that unfortunately has touched the lives of my family and many friends. So this month, in honor of Bella and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month I have chosen to donate 100% of my commissions from this fundraiser to ACCOIN (American Childhood Cancer Organization Inland Northwest).

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