Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November workouts - Day 2

I almost didn't do an actual workout since I went to hula practice early and danced for approximately 1.5 hours non-stop and my legs were crying, but I came home, made a quick post-dance dinner and then started searching. Our DVD player still isn't working properly and the excuse is getting OLD considering I have a laptop and iPad so really no excuse to not pull up a video or just do more of the "pic workouts." So I found a few more that looked interesting and challenging and picked 2 for last night. I found these doing various google searches. The one on the left is called the "Inner Thigh Gap Workout Routine" and the one on the right is simply "1 set." Considering I was already sore from Monday's workout and had just worked my legs in hula I was already sore so these were pretty hard, but again, TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Today I feel like this, but also my core. It's that good sore that I love to hate but also miss. I like to pretend that the soreness is converting fat to muscle so it's worth it! I find that the soreness really kicks in about 15 hours post workout, which means I may be crawling by this evening. Maybe I'll find some floor workouts for tonight. ;)

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