Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November already?

Whoa where did the past 10 months go? So much for trying all those pinterest experiments huh? Talk about a brief hiatus. Oh well here we go again. No rules this time, just going to post about whatever.

Let's start with some shameless self promotion... Have you checked out my etsy store lately? I think I only had like 1 or 2 items back in January. Well I have officially become totally addicted to yarn and crochet. Last year it was knitting - which I still love but I realized a lot of the items I wanted to make were crochet so I taught myself, with the help of YouTube of course. Now I'm a crocheting fool! I still love to knit, but I realized that I need better knitting needles so until I can get those it's all about hooking!

What about FB, have you 'liked' my FB page? Followed me on instagram? What are you waiting for? What about zazzle for some cancer awareness logo items? Yup I have my fingers in everything, which is probably why I've been such a blog slacker.

Here's a random picture of a 6-week Shiba puppy - Eisha. I got to meet her and her 4 other litter mates (3 girls , 2 boys total) back in October. Why am I posting it? Because I can, and I LOVE puppies (all dogs are puppies in my book) and she wants you to like my FB page too because I make Shiba inspired hats and donate a % of each hat purchase to a Shiba Rescue.

More to come so stay tuned!

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